Murrill Construction Limited is a growing Company that strives to deliver quality, client satisfaction and value for money in all Civil Engineering, Highway Construction and Highway Maintenance works undertaken. With all the works that it carries out, every consideration is given to the safety of those undertaking the works and equally those affected by the works. Every consideration is also given to the environment the Company works and operates within, together with the engagement of the local community and key stakeholders.

These objectives are supported with the implementation of an Integrated Management System (IMS) together with an emphasis on innovation and encouragement of all of our people in the provision of a positive working environment. In addition, our people are fully trained and certificated in the tasks that they undertake.

Murrill Construction Ltd has an extensive fleet of vehicles and plant, some of which is specialist to specific Civil Engineering and Highway Maintenance works. This fleet is supplemented as required with hired vehicles and plant obtained from suppliers and specialists who are generally deployed on long term partnerships as part of our long stablished and local key supply chain.

Similarly, there are long term partnering agreements in place for the supply of a wide range of materials, specialist service provision and support services.

The company generally operates in London, South East England and Eastern England, with operational facilities based in West London and Hertfordshire.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our main office on 020 8578 4275 or